The Many Faces of Depression


Depression has many faces.  It affects men and women, young and old, all races and religions. Depression doesn’t play favorites.  It strikes both women and men when they least expect it, at any time, changing their lives forever.  It is a disorder that paralyzes and robs you of the ability to enjoy and to engage in life.   Depression is a pervasive mental health illness, affecting 17 million adults in the United States. Approximately 6-7% of full-time workers in the US experience major depressive disorder.

Depression is very real, yet is often misunderstood.  Although potentially dangerous, it is manageable and treatable.  Recovery from depression is not only possible, it is probable.

Like most illnesses, early intervention brings the best outcome. 80% of people with depression recover if they receive the right treatment. 65% of individuals with bipolar depression are employed.  In this fast-paced, interactive program explore how depression manifests itself through a variety of symptoms in women and in men.  Heighten your awareness toward the causes and symptoms.  Learn how to reach out to help a family member, friend, colleague, or yourself get the help needed to recover, move on with life and sustain mental wellness.


To create an awareness of depression, a widespread yet misunderstood mental illness, and how it manifests differently in men and women, to expose the most common stigmas attached to depression and its treatment options, and to provide tips to enrich and enhance the lives of depressed individuals and those who interact with them.

Presentation Highlights Include 

  • Identify what depression is and what it is not.
  • Discover both the common and the different causes of depression in men and in women, which include genes, brain chemistry and hormones.
  • Understand how to start the conversation with a loved one and how to listen, express concern and reassure.
  • Learn about the Courageous Recovery Wellness Model.
  • Recognize how to become a “Stigma Buster” and ways to encourage and celebrate recovery.